Pedigenix® Daily Foot Cleanser

Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleanser provides the first step in achieving clean and refreshed feet. This high performance cleanser can be used in a footbath (to soak feet) or in the shower to cleanse feet before applying other Pedigenix products. The balanced blend of creamy cleansers features a light, mint cucumber fragrance that helps smooth skin and gives tired feet a lift. This low-foaming formula is designed for versatile use in a foot whirlpool and at home.


Start your foot care regimen by washing your feet daily with Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleanser to remove dirt and prevent irritants from imbedding in the skin.


  • Wash feet daily with warm water and Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleaner in the shower, bath or foot bath. It’s helpful to use with a wash cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Dry your feet carefully, especially between your toes.
  • For foot bath: Add a nickel-size amount of Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleanser to your foot bath. Relax while soaking your feet for ten minutes.

After cleaning the feet thoroughly, complete your treatment with the full Pedigenix Foot Care System.