About Us

Performance Health LLC is the maker of market-leading Biofreeze® and Thera-Band® products as well as other vital clinical brands. We also provide practice-building support, evidence-based protocols, education, turn-key dispensing and pain management solutions for the podiatric, rehabilitation, massage and wellness markets.

Biofreeze® Pain Reliever is the most frequently used and #1 recommended topical pain reliever by hands-on healthcare professionals. For over 20 years, Biofreeze products have been helping people reduce their pain and discomfort to enable exercise, training, therapy and to increase their ability to live an active lifestyle. Using USP-grade menthol as the active ingredient, Biofreeze products provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

The Thera-Band® portfolio comprises an industry leading line of progressive resistance exercise products for professional rehabilitation, health and wellness, and fitness—and is approaching its 40th anniversary. Thera-Band resistive exercise systems, balls, balance and other specialty products cost much less than other exercise equipment and achieve similar results, with the additional benefits of being portable and versatile with virtually unlimited uses. Recognized worldwide as the industry standard, Thera-Band offers progressive products for strength, balance, and flexibility that are referenced in over 1,000 published articles and abstracts.

Prossage® Heat is a 100% all natural product specifically designed with a unique, controllable glide for area-specific sports injuries, orthopedic and deep tissue massage. It is used by massage therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other hands-on healthcare professionals that performs deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release therapy.

The Thera-Band® Academy website links research to practice using an integrated, cross-referenced database that allows users to search for exercise programs, research and protocols by specific body parts, diseases, injuries, sports or products. The Thera-Band Academy site maintains the largest electronic database of research articles on Thera-Band and Biofreeze products, including elastic resistance, exercise balls and balance training products.